The applications of virtual reality in the travel industry continue to grow. Here are just some of the innovative ways VR is being used to inspire travelers, drive bookings, and design the hotels of tomorrow.

Communication techniques to enhance the guest experience

How hotels can apply key communication techniques to enhance the guest experience.

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In our latest episode of "Directly Speaking with Travel Tripper", we dived into our newest digital marketing innovation: Real Time Ads. Learn what it is and how it has helped hotels achieve a 68% boost in conversion rates on their search marketing ads.

How can hotels capitalize on Instagram’s new booking feature?

Instagram recently launched new call-to-action buttons that allow users to book a hotel room directly within the app. How can hotels take advantage and capitalize on this new revenue-driving opportunity?

Is social media retargeting part of your hotel marketing strategy?

A guide to successful social media retargeting for hotels:

[SLIDESHARE] 5-step guide to building a hotel website

Planning to redesign or refresh your hotel website soon? Make sure to take these 5 key areas into consideration when working with your web agency:

Takeaways from our webinar, “Tapping into the power of authentic travel experiences for hotel marketing”

Missed our webinar from last week? Check out our recap of it here:

Understanding the true cost of distribution: Are you leaving money on the table by ignoring your direct channel?

When hotels count direct marketing costs as operating expenses instead of distribution costs, it allows OTA commission costs to run wild, ultimately reducing hotel profitability. Some advice for investing in direct, by Gautam Lulla:

Directly Speaking w/ Travel Tripper, Ep. 2 — Competitive Keyword Bidding

As you might have noticed, we have a new vlog name! In our second episode, Nancy, Tristan and Ben delve into the world of competitive keyword bidding on search engine ads.

Is it illegal? Should you do it? Is it worth it? All that and a fast-food chicken analogy in this episode of "Directly Speaking with Travel Tripper."

[WEBINAR] Tapping into the power of travel experience for hotel marketing

Last chance to sign up for our webinar tomorrow with and Arrivedo! Find out how to best influence travelers during different stages of the booking journey by promoting authentic travel experiences:

Is your hotel selling rooms or experiences?

How can you best influence potential guests at the beginning of the booking funnel, when they're still deciding on a destination? Think about selling experiences, not hotel rooms:

Takeaways from our webinar, “Marketing Analytics 101”

Did you miss our webinar on marketing analytics? Check out our top takeaways and key points here:

The stories that sell: How storytelling can increase hotel revenue

Did you know that adding a story and photo to your hotel website can increase the perceived value of the room by 5% or more? Learn how storytelling impacts the bottom line:

[WEBINAR] Tapping into the power of travel experience for hotel marketing

Did you enjoy our last webinar? We've got a fun new one coming up on May 3 with our friends from and Arrivedo. Learn all about how to harness authentic travel experiences to more effectively market your hotel. Sign up to reserve your spot!

The state of SEO in 2018: What hotels need to know

The comprehensive review of all the latest Google search features and SEO techniques you need to know to optimize organic traffic to your hotel website:

[WEBINAR] Hotel Marketing Analytics 101

Last chance to sign up! Even if you can't make the webinar, register your info to get a copy of the recording sent to you:

Effective hotel copywriting in 3 key steps

Don't underestimate the importance of persuasive copy — check out our 3 important tips to making your hotel website copy more effective:

Earn more direct bookings for your hotel with transparency

Behind the Screens with Travel Tripper, Ep. 1

Is it v-log or vlog, like Vlad? Either way, go "behind the screens" with Tristan, Ben, and Nancy as they attempt to sound smart about all things digital marketing. First up—attribution! What is it? Why should you care?

Plus, don't miss the easter egg we stuck in at the end :)

Want to learn more? Join us Apr. 17 for our marketing analytics webinar to learn all about engagement, conversions, attribution and more!

[SLIDESHARE] 5 tips for reducing your hotel cancellation rate

Simple revenue management strategies to help keep booking cancellations at a minimum:

Boutique Hotel in Boston | Studio Allston Hotel

Loving this new site that we just launched for Studio Allston Hotel, a new property bringing color and energy to the Boston area. Now live with TT Web and RezTrip!

5 big hotel website design trends for 2018

How are hotels applying the top web design trends to their own websites? Check out five new trends you'll be seeing a lot more of this year:

[WEBINAR] Hotel Marketing Analytics 101

We've got a great new webinar coming up on marketing analytics. Learn all about the key marketing metrics you need to know with experts from our TT Digital Agency. Register now to save your spot!

Inspiring travelers with Facebook’s new Trip Consideration

The new Facebook ad tool that targets travelers as they begin their destination research:

How Airbnb’s latest announcements may transform the online booking space

We break down the implications of Airbnb's latest product announcements, appeal to hotels, and their attempt to dethrone the world's top OTAs:

Has Google Made the Lowest Hotel Rates Harder to Find?

Interesting findings from Skift on the Google metasearch box:

A hotel’s guide to image SEO in 2018

Making the extra effort to ensure your hotel website images are optimized for search engines can help to boost traffic to your site:

Common vanity metrics in hotel marketing and what to measure instead

When it comes to analytics, are you using the numbers to give you true insights, or are you hoping the numbers will make you look good? Our digital agency team discuss 8 common vanity metrics, along with actionable alternatives you should be measuring instead:

How your OTA pricing model mix can distort important stats like RevPAR

The way your OTA pricing model works (merchant vs. retail) can distort your revenue numbers and mislead your decision-making processes, if you're not careful. Revenue expert Elizabeth James explains how to avoid that pitfall:

Photos from Travel Tripper's post

What a week! A huge congrats to the Travel Tripper team for putting a great show and great party at ITB Berlin this year. See you all next year!

How blockchain might be used in travel

Blockchain is the hot new "buzzword" of the travel tech industry, but what does it mean really? And how might we see this applied in the hotel industry? Our resident blockchain expert Fabian Bartnick explains:

Takeaways from our webinar, “The House Always Wins”

Missed our webinar for casino hotels last week? Check out our top takeaways on revenue strategies for gaming properties:

Luxury Hoteliers Believe Customization Is Key to Winning Over Millennials How Luxury hotels have been forced to adapt to keep up with the desire of personalization for the millennial generation.

How content truly is king for a travel search site | PhocusWire How good content can drive traffic to your site.

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Hotel Distribution and the Superfast Changing Landscape of Travel Tech

"When there is volatility like this, it is important for a company to focus on a few things–continued innovation to be ahead of the game, extreme customer service focus, employee culture, and satisfaction."

Great article by Kurien Jacob from Highgate Hotels on the current hotel tech landscape. Shoutout to our friends at OTA Insight, LodgIQ and Stay Wanderful!

An introduction to the new Google Search Console — what’s new?

Big changes are coming to Google Search Console this year. Our SEO expert Matt Tutt breaks down the new features and why they will be useful for your hotel website:

Photos from Travel Tripper's post

Good times at this year's HSMAI Adrian Awards celebrating our Gold Award wins with Triumph Hotels and Row NYC! A big congrats to TT agency team for all their hard work.

Revisiting chat apps: What messaging platforms are best for your hotel?

Some new business-oriented updates to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have made them especially useful for hotels to use to communicate with guests:

Downtown Los Gatos Hotels | Toll House Hotel Los Gatos

Very proud to be working with Metwest Terra to launch several new hotel websites for their California-based properties. Check out this lovely new site for Toll House Hotel in Los Gatos, complete with OpenTable integration for their on-site restaurant!

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Hilton CEO Believes Direct Booking Campaign Is Key to Improved Guest Experience Hilton CEO Believes Direct Booking Campaign Is KEY to Improved Guest Experience.

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to choose photos for your hotel website

5 photo selection tips for improving guest engagement on your hotel website:

TTT | Kurien Jacob S01E08

Check out's interview with Kurien Jacob, Principle at Highgate Ventures.

Using public relations to benefit your hotel website SEO

Some tips and tricks for getting your hotel name (and backlinks) out into the media:

[WEBINAR] How smart technology maximizes revenue strategies for gaming properties

We're hosting a webinar just for casino and gaming hotels! Find out how new tech solutions are allowing casinos to maximize profits per guest:

Travel Tripper honored as one of the 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech Check out our latest press release on covering the buzz after Hotel Tech Report revealed the Top 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech from their first-ever hotel tech employee survey. #Wemadeit! #TravelTripperculture #WeAreHiring

Important mobile booking stats for hotels in 2018

The latest trends in mobile booking that your hotel should know about:

How can we get Millennials to book direct?

Although more than half of Millennials typically book through OTAs, 31% still book through the hotel website. How can you ensure that your hotel is part of those direct bookings?

Fighting for the top slot in hotel SEM and SEO

Fighting for the top slot in hotel SEO and SEM?